Hey guys, it’s been a while!

So I wanted to write an update to reassure you that we’re working on new comics, and Marili drew this awesome picture of Titana (another superhero in New Romford, who you’ve seen over in the NRFP), and we had to share!  Now, the reason why there haven’t been any new comics in a while is because we’re going to Emerald City ComiCon next March, and we’re busy making things to sell at our table.  We’re working on a couple mini-comics, some prints, and maybe another goodie or two, and this has taken us longer than anticipated.  But we’re definitely going to see more of Amanda with a certain super friend!  Just be patient!

In the meantime, if you want to talk with Amanda or Carrie, check out their Twitter accounts (see the sidebars).  They’ve been quiet lately, but I have a feeling their silence isn’t going to last.

Talk soon!