Greg Thelen
Writer, Letterer, Creator
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Greg is a Montana-based writer, raised on Garfield comics and 90s superhero cartoons. He went to college and earned an English degree, the most useful degree ever, and after digesting so many comics, he took a crack at writing them. In 2008, he started a webcomic called Magic City, collaborating with artists all over the world via the marvelous invention called the internet. When Magic City ended in 2012, Greg asked Marili Ramirez to draw a weird comic about an insurance agent, and she somehow said yes. History was made on that day, and now, here we are. I mean, technically, history is being made all the time, like just now, so you can really say that anytime, even when you’re doing something like washing the dishes.  Just say, “Hey, I finished washing these dishes. History was made this day!” Pretty cool, right?!

Email:  greg.thelen [at]
Twitter:  @gregthelen
Tumblr:  exit421
Website:  Exit421

Marili Ramirez
Artist, Creator
“Welcome to New Romford” to “Up in the Sky”

Marili is SoCal born-and-bred, growing up on indie rock and RPGs. When she’s not saying “dude” all the time, she’s busy raising a spoiled cat and being married. She went to school to learn Graphic Design and put that learning to use while working for a printing company. In 2012, she began drawing Amanda Green, SIA with Greg Thelen, a possibly fortuitous event or horrible portent. While living with two cats now, Marili is drawing sketches for the EarzUp! Podcast. She’s drawing the hell out of those, watching baseball, and drinking beer because she’s like that, dude.

Email:  lulugumshoe06 [at]
Twitter:  @LuluGumshoe
Facebook:  Marili Ramirez Art


MJ Barros
“Up in the Sky”

MJ Barros is a Chilean comic artist, and character designer. She’s worked as a comic writer and editor in Chile since 2008 and started as a comic artist in 2011. She’s the author of Corazon de Obsidiana and The Order of Belfry, and worked in titles like Campaigners and Jem and the Holograms. Also she works as a character designer for animation.

Twitter:  @mjbarrosm
Website:  Portfolio
Comixology:  Creator Page

Amy King
“What Happens in Vegas…”

A former cake decorator turned illustrator and comic artist, Amy will never kick her love of pastels and curlicues, but she is grateful that she doesn’t have to use them all the time, now! She has just completed her first solo comic, The Muse Mentor, and is currently working on a handful of other projects between being smothered by cats and dinner parties. (She really doesn’t feel you can have too many projects, cats, or dinner parties.)

Twitter:  @sephiramy
Website:  Portfolio
Webcomic:  Harlowe Vanished



Myisha Haynes
“All I Want for Christmas…”

Myisha divides her time between her fish-out-of-water fantasy webcomic, The Substitutes, and working full-time as a games artist in San Francisco. She’s also worked on Marvel’s Gwenpool and contributed to Beyond Press’ Elements: FIRE with her short comic, “Firelily.” She spends the rest of her time obsessively surfing Pinterest, decorating her house with superheroes, masquerading as a halfling farmer-turned-fighter in D&D, and coveting her friends’ pets.


Madeline Ireland
“Earth B”

Madeline is an art student from South-Eastern Pennsylvania. She works as a freelance illustrator, character designer, and comic artist. Her goldfish-like attention span is either spent devouring multitudes of comics, wrangling her disobedient cats, or thinking about robots. She enjoys building worlds and telling stories–and has several of her own comics under construction.

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