As you have probably noticed by now, a couple of our characters have their own Twitter accounts.  Amanda is on the left, and Carrie is on the right.  From time to time, they will tweet about various things, so please follow them.  You may be surprised as to what they say.  And if you ask them questions, they might reply back to you!  But another thing they will do from time to time is post photos.

Yes!  Extra content right in your Twitter feed!  Here we will post some of the photos that they have posted (well, what Carrie has posted) along with their corresponding tweets.  We probably won’t post everything, so follow each of them because you’ll never know what you’ll see!


The Office

officeThis is the outside of the WINMAC Insurance office where our characters work.  It’s in a colorful neighborhood, as you can see.  And where was it posted first?  Why Carrie’s Twitter account of course!


Carrie’s Day Out

Now, if you’re an astute reader, you’ve probably seen Carrie’s tweets within the very comic itself.  In #21, the storyline Carrie’s Day Out showcases many of these tweets and even shows some the photos she was posting to her Twitter account in the very comic you were reading!  So you’re thinking, “Well then, I just saw everything in the comic.  Why bother with following her Twitter account?”  Because there is extra content not seen in the comic on her very Twitter account!  And furthermore, Carrie posted these pictures to her Twitter account before the comic even came out!  You never know what they will post.  You could be getting a sneak peak or a clue to a future comic, and that’s pretty dang awesome if we say so ourselves!

So here are some tweets along with all of the photos Carrie tweeted.  If you want to read her entire day’s journey, go to the October 6, 2012 entries.


notspotty     hotel     adonisstatue


Peace Force HQ


The Hard Light Bridge



New Day Memorial Site