Season 1

Welcome to New Romford
Amanda Green, Superhuman Insurance Agent, deals with a bug guy, Speedster, and a trainee! Plus some other stuff!

Carrie’s Day Out
Carrie gets a day off to do
some site-seeing and gets
into shenanigans.

All-City Conference
Amanda, Jim, and Carrie
attend a work conference, and
do battle with Miranda,
Amanda’s archnemesis!

Dino-Day Disaster
A supervillain turns the city into dinosaurs…for reasons! Amanda and Carrie have to stay safe.
And Miranda is there, too?

Season 2

After the Dino-Day Disaster,
the city is rebuilding, Carrie is staying with Gloria, and Amanda is dating Adonis. Then, Amanda remembers something horrible she saw that day.

Carrie can’t get her stuff from
her house, damaged from the Dino-Day Disaster! While playing games with Gloria, she figures out Amanda and Donnie’s big secret.

After Jim’s house was robbed while he was there, Carrie learns he’s gay. She doesn’t react very well, learning she’s not as open-minded as she thought.

Amanda is having nightmares. Donnie takes her to see the famous telepath, Professor George Quinton. After a brief head trip, she faces her fears.

Season 3

Out in the Open
been kidnapped
by Donnie’s evil ex,
Michelle Meyers!

Down in the Basement
Carrie is fed up with her landlord not letting her go into her house, so she sneaks in…to her own house.

Up in the Air
Donnie hasn’t seen Amanda since she was kidnapped, and he’s unsure how to proceed.

Inside My Head?
Jim is affected by his robbery by a telepath. Unable to determine what’s real, Amanda takes him to Professor Quinton.

Up in the Sky
Amanda and Donnie’s relationship is strained, but they go to Duncan’s Halloween party in hopes of working things out.

Season 4

What Happens in Vegas…
Amanda and Carrie head to Vegas for a conference, and Miranda is there, and so are superheroes! A lot happens!

All I Want for Christmas…
It’s almost Christmas, and Duncan and Domonique still need to find presents for each other!

Earth B
It’s the convergence, and Carrie wants to meet her Earth B!