What is this all about, now?

Amanda Green, SIA, is a webcomic about the people superheroes protect.  Namely, it’s about Amanda Green, who is a Superhuman Insurance Agent.  She lives in the fictional city of New Romford, and it is just filled with superpeople.  There are superheroes like Adonis and Speedster, supervillains like Lightning Bug and the Dinosaur Queen, and normal citizens with superpowers who don’t want to fight.  So things happen.  Buildings get destroyed, cars demolished, roads sprayed with bug guts.  All regular occurrences in New Romford, and people need to insure their property.  At that point, enter Amanda.  Being a Superhuman Insurance Agent (SIA), she assesses the damage and processes your claim for when a giant cat monster washes on shore and steps on your lawn.  A giant footprint leaving a yard-deep crater on your front lawn.  Just imagine how much that would cost to repair.  You really can’t live in New Romford without Superhuman Insurance.

So this comic is all about filling out forms?

Oh heavens, no!  Well, maybe.  There are forms being filled out in the comic, but it’s more about Amanda and her coworkers just trying to live in this crazy world of superheroes while being non-superpowered humans.  They don’t have powers or masks or utility belts.  They’re just normal people living in an abnormal city.  Well, they do wear body armor and carry weapons when they inspect buildings.  You never know when a supervillain leaves something nasty behind.

All right, I think I got it.  But what’s this New Romford Free Press thing all about?

Ah!  The New Romford Free Press (NRFP) is a fictional news site set within the universe of Amanda Green, SIA.  Imagine if you were reading The Daily Planet or The Daily Bugle but with jokes.  It started out as a straight news site where you could read about things going on in New Romford, and it would occasionally illuminate certain stories from Amanda Green, SIA (i.e. the Lightning Bug deal in the first storyline). Then it evolved into an Onion-esque satire site with hints of John Hodgman for good measure.  (Btw, I don’t claim to be as funny as The Onion or John Hodgman.  That’s just the only way I can describe it.)  Now, it’s a mixture of all these things and hopefully more in the future.  It will keep evolving and expanding further, so keep an eye on it, too!

When do you update?

For the comic, we update on Tuesdays.  For the NRFP, we update on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Is there anything else I should know?

We have a Amanda Green, SIA, and NRFP fan page on Facebook, so please “Like” us on both.  Our characters also have their own Twitter accounts, and they will tweet from time to time (maybe even about stuff happening in our world), so be sure to follow and interact with them.  Amanda is @siaamanda.  Carrie is @carriebrou.  The NRFP also has a Twitter account, @nrfpnews.  We also have Twitter accounts for each of us: Greg is @gregthelen and Marili is @lulugumshoe.