Hey gang, I know we’ve had a lot of new readers over the past month or so, and first off, hello, you beautiful human!  My, did you do something with your hair today?  Have you lost weight?  You look very fine, I must say!

As this post is titled, I’d like to point out and explain what the New Romford Free Press exactly is.  Quite simply, it’s a fictional news site set within the AGU (the Amanda Green Universe).  What happens there is what happens in Amanda and Carrie’s world, so some stories will add context to things happening in the comic.  But for the most part, it’s a bunch of Onion-style joke articles!  I write all of the stories, and Marili provides the occasional pictures, and we’re just having a good time over there.  It updates on Tuesdays and Fridays, so you get double the fun each week!

Comments aren’t allowed on that site, but it does have a Twitter account (@nrfpnews) and Facebook page.  I don’t always update the Twitter as much as I should, but that (and FB) is a good place to send comments if you want.