Hey gang, since we have the week off, I thought I’d do a little promo for my Patreon.  This comic is a huge passion for me, and I have literally years of stories I want to tell.  But since I’m not an artist, I have to find artists who will draw my comics, and they won’t do this for free.  So, if you like Amanda Green, SIA, please consider supporting my Patreon.  At the $3 level, you’ll get access to Titana and Speedster short stories every other month, and at the $5 level, you’ll get early access to the comic!  Every little bit helps, so don’t feel bad if you only chip in $1 a month.  And if you’re my patron and have ideas of things you’d like to see from me, feel free to let me know!  I want to make my Patreon worth it for everyone at all donation levels.

Oh, and just for a sample, I’m posting the first Titana and Speedster short story for free!

And if you can’t donate, don’t worry.  I’ll still be making Amanda Green, SIA, and the comic isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Thanks, and see you all next week!