Hey guys, as the image above says, we’ve returned from ECCC intact and ready to get back to regular updates!  Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by our table to find out what our comic was about, and many more thanks to everyone who took a chance and bought a book from us!  This was our first time tabling at a convention, and it was an experience to remember.  We still have books and prints left, so if you missed out, you can still get some….once we figure out how to setup a store.  I suppose you could just email us and ask us for a book, but let’s get some pictures of these things up first, huh?  I’ll try to get this figured out soon!

Also, I just want to thank Chad Bowers and Chris Sims (pictured above) for being our con buddies all weekend!  They sat across the street from us, and we became friends, chatting and having fun.  Good guys those two!  They both write comics together, in particular Subatomic Party Girls and Down, Set, Fight!, and I’ve only read a bit of each, but they’re top notch comics!  Chris is also a regular writer on ComicsAlliance, so go check him out there sometime!

Thank you again to everyone who’s come to this site via ECCC!  We’re hard at work getting season 2 of Amanda Green, SIA, underway, and we should be starting back up again with regular updates every Tuesday soon (hopefully before the end of April).  We have big plans for Amanda, Carrie, and everyone else, and once we get going, we ain’t stopping!

Talk soon!