And that is our #100th comic/page, and the end of season 2 of Amanda Green, SIA! First off, thank you to everyone who came to see us at Emerald City Comicon! It was a blast, and we may be back next year. But anyway, with season 2 being over, that means season 3 is coming up next, right? Correct! But not right away. We’re taking a month off from the comic, so we’ll be back sometime in early May. We’re going to keep working though, so that we can build a buffer for us. Don’t worry, we won’t take as long a break as we did last time. Promise!

Also, we gotta build up the suspense here! But if you absolutely can’t wait for more Amanda Green, SIA, comics, then perhaps you’d like to read our mini-comic that you can find at our shop or on Gumroad? (The first is the physical book plus other goodies, the second is a PDF of the comic.) Otherwise, see you guys in May!